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Rafael Unveils Counter-Anti-Access/Area Denial Missile

Israeli defense firm Rafael unveiled a fifth-generation long-range missile on Tuesday, capable of striking land and sea-based targets from land, sea, and air-based platforms.

The Ice Breaker features an advanced Imaging Infra-Red seeker, allowing it to strike stationary and moving targets 300 kilometers (186 miles) away, even in advanced anti-access/area denial arenas.

The missile is built to withstand electronic warfare and is effective in Global Navigation Satellite System-denied environments.

“Ice Breaker is an aerial force-multiplier designed to overcome modern warfare arena challenges through Rafael’s legacy of high-end precision-guided solutions,” the company stated.

Compatible With Air, Land, and Sea Platforms

The unveiling comes nearly a year after Rafael unveiled the missile’s sea and land-launched version, Sea Breaker.

The company clarified that the Ice Breaker is an “all-encompassing” missile compatible with air, land, and sea-based platforms.

The four-meter (13-foot), 349-kilogram (770-pound) missile carries a 113-kilogram (250-pound) “penetration, blast, and fragmentation warhead” flying at “high-subsonic” speed. It is compatible with a range of platforms such as fighter jets, light aircraft, and helicopters.

“Ice Breaker has a multi-directional, synchronized full sphere attack capability, based on predefined attack plans, according to waypoints, azimuth, impact angle, and aim point selection, ensuring a high probability of mission success,” the company said.

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