Ukraine Finds Russian Hard Drive With 100GB of ‘Classified’ Military Data

The Ukrainian military has taken possession of a Russian hard drive containing 100 gigabytes of “classified” military data, local news outlet The Kyiv Independent reported on Saturday.

The device was found in Chernihiv Oblast bordering Belarus, which also served as an early invasion point for the Russian forces.

According to the report, the drive contains details of sophisticated Russian military equipment and exercises.

It also holds detailed plans of Moscow’s air artillery division and other official documents.

Other Captured Russian Equipment

In addition to the hard drive, the Ukrainian military captured weapons and equipment from invading Russian forces.

In April, several defense outlets reported that Kyiv seized one of Russia’s most modern air defense systems amid the ongoing conflict.

A video was posted on Twitter showing a “very modern” 9S935 man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) target cueing set being opened and inspected by Ukrainian soldiers.

Defending forces have also captured other weapons and military equipment containing microchips from the US.

The War Zone said in its report that eight of the US-made microchips were found inside a recovered Russian air defense command post vehicle.

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