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Elbit to Supply Precision Guidance Kits to Asia-Pacific Country

Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems has been awarded a contract to deliver precision guidance kits for airborne munitions to an undisclosed country in the Asia-Pacific region.

Valued at $220 million, the agreement covers the manufacture of the Lizard precision guidance kit for general-purpose airborne warheads.

The laser-based tech enables both Western and Eastern airborne munitions to engage fast-moving targets with high accuracy.

It uses advanced seeker technology and algorithms to track targets, even in adverse weather conditions.

According to Elbit Systems President Bezhalel Machlis, there is a sudden increase in demand for precision fire capabilities as militaries make accuracy an “operational imperative” in multi-domain missions.

“Armed forces around the globe are requiring solutions that enable efficient conversion of ammunition stockpiles into a capability that is relevant in modern warfare, especially in light of lessons learned from recent military conflicts,” he said.


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