Cyprus Acquiring Six Airbus H145 Military Helicopters

Cyprus has signed a contract with European aerospace firm Airbus to purchase six H145 military helicopters.

According to the company, the five-bladed aircraft will be deployed with the Cypriot National Guard.

Formerly known as the EC145 T2, the H145 is a twin-engine helicopter capable of performing surveillance, search and rescue, and medical evacuation in addition to combat.

It is equipped with the new Eurocopter avionics suite and a digital four-axis automatic flight control system, enabling pilots to cope with the most demanding operations.

The H145 in standard configuration can carry up to 10 personnel, while the higher density configuration can transport 12 servicemen, including two pilots.

According to Airbus, acquiring the six H145 helicopters will provide the Cypriot National Guard with a “cost-effective” way to address future security challenges.

“Able to operate in very demanding environments, the H145M will enhance the National Guard’s day and night capabilities in delivering rapid response, fire power and precision, providing effective combat support, and acquiring critical information,” Cyprus defense official Andreas Louka said.

The inside of the H145 multi-role helicopter. Photo: Airbus

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