Sikorsky Awarded $2.3B Black Hawk Contract

Lockheed Martin-owned aerospace firm Sikorsky has been awarded a $2.3 billion contract to produce 120 H-60M Black Hawk utility helicopters for the US Army.

According to the company, the recent deal marks the 10th multiple-year H-60 helicopter contract the US government has awarded to Sikorsky.

The Black Hawk continues to be the “workhorse” of the US Army as the service continues developing its future lift capabilities.

“Sikorsky continues to modernize and enhance the Black Hawk to meet the Army’s challenging and evolving missions by continuously delivering aircraft thanks to a hot production line, mature well-established supply chain, and digital factory,” the company stated.

The multibillion-dollar contract could go as high as $4.4 billion if options for an additional 135 aircraft are exercised.

Initial deliveries are scheduled to begin next month and will continue until 2027.

UH-60 Black Hawk
US Army paratroopers aboard a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Photo: Spc. Ryan Lucas/US Army

‘Meeting Current, Future Capability Needs’

With a gross weight of 9,979 kilograms (22,000 pounds), the H-60M Black Hawk helicopter can transport up to 12 military personnel and perform logistical support.

The aircraft provides additional payload and range, advanced digital avionics, improved survivability, and enhanced situational awareness.

The helicopter is also fitted with two 7.62-millimeter machine guns.

Lockheed explained that the Black Hawk can be reconfigured to support missions including medical evacuation, command-and-control, search-and-rescue, and electronic warfare.

US Army utility helicopters project manager Col. Calvin Lane said that the multi-year agreement with Sikorsky would allow the service to meet its current and future capability needs.

“The efficiencies of this contract make the best use of limited resources and result in direct savings to the Army and to taxpayers,” he added.

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