Denmark Receives Upgraded Saab T-17 Supporter Aircraft

The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation has taken delivery of the upgraded Saab T-17 supporter aircraft prototype.

Handed over during the Danish Air Show in Karup last week, the aircraft will be used to train new pilots, conduct observation flights, and support skill maintenance.

The new prototype features modern digital equipment, replacing its original analog navigation and communication devices.

The prototype supplier also integrated a new instrument panel layout, with improved connections, diagrams, wiring, and placement.

The modernization was undertaken to “future-proof” the T-17 fleet of the Danish armed forces.

Saab T-17
Denmark receives its Saab T-17 during the Danish Air Show on June 19, 2022. Photo: Danish Armed Forces

Additional Upgrades

According to Scandinavian Avionics, the new aircraft is now equipped with a Garmin G500 TXi display, providing a “much better” overview of flight data such as speed and altitude.

The developer also installed LED indicators in the panel, consuming less power and reducing the need for costly maintenance.

Additionally, the upgraded prototype has a battery-powered GI275 standby indicator in case the supporter aircraft loses its primary power source.

“The prototype is a pleasure to fly in, and I am really looking forward to use the aircraft into properly [sic] and becoming even wiser about the systems – both on the pilot and the technician side,” T-17 test pilot Ole Torp said.

The Danish Air Force now has 27 T-17 aircraft.

After the delivery of the new prototype, Scandinavian Avionics will initiate a training program for T-17 technicians.


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