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Raytheon Receives $46.2M A-10 Mission Computer Upgrade Contract

The US Air Force has awarded Raytheon a $46.2 million contract to upgrade the A-10C Thunderbolt II mission computer.

The A-10 Central Interface Control System program phase-1 will replace the 1970s aircraft’s mission computer with Raytheon’s Common Open Secure Mission Computer (COSMC) for enhanced air dominance and sustainability.

The COSMC is a scalable, platform-agnostic mission computer for evolving operational needs, allowing the hosting of multiple data on a single computing platform.

Further Upgrades

The program includes the “replacement of weapons stores management system, fully modernizing the Operational Flight Program software environment and establishing COSMC as the new central computer for the A-10,” Raytheon stated.

“Our COSMC system is a significant technological leap forward for the A-10,” president of Communications and Airspace Management Systems Denis Donohue said.

“This platform-agnostic system delivers the generational refresh required for the Warthog to remain highly capable into the future. We look forward to transforming and reinvigorating our customers’ platforms so that they’re equipped to face any mission, any challenge.”


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