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China Tests Land-Based Ballistic Missile Interception 

China has successfully tested a land-based ballistic missile interception system, the ministry of defense announced on Sunday.

The sixth publicly-known land-based anti-ballistic missile test intercepted the missile in mid-course, state-owned Global Times reported.

Previous tests were carried out between 2010 and 2021. All tests, barring one in 2014, intercepted the missile mid-course.

Mid-Course Interception

The outlet explained that it is more difficult to intercept a missile mid-course, as it “travels at a very high speed outside of the atmosphere at very high velocity” compared to during its initial boost phase.

A handful of countries are developing hypersonic missiles capable of adjusting their trajectories while reentering the atmosphere, making terminal interception more difficult.

The missile interception system comprised a “complete set of combat systems, including power, tracking, target-identifying systems and the killer part,“ including a “network of support systems with an early warning and monitoring function,” Global Times added.

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