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Taiwan Flaunts Latest Indigenous Armored Vehicle

The Taiwanese military proudly showed off its latest armored vehicle, the indigenously-developed CM-34 Clouded Leopard.

The new combat vehicle was spotted on Thursday at a remote manufacturing site in the central part of the island nation.

It is reportedly armed with the Mk44 Bushmaster 30-millimeter chain gun, capable of hitting targets at up to three kilometers (1.9 miles).

The eight-wheeled CM-34 is highly mobile to support various military missions, even in adverse weather conditions.

An official from the  manufacturing facility told Reuters that the plant in Jiji can produce up to six armored vehicles per month.

The facility has reportedly delivered 173 Clouded Leopards to the Taiwanese armed forces so far.

The recent display was said to be Taiwan demonstrating the resolve to defend itself against China, which insists that Taipei is part of its territory.


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