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Elbit Introduces COAPS-L Surveillance, Target Acquisition Payload

Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems has unveiled an electro-optical payload to enhance the armed forces’ intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities.

Called the Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight – Light (COAPS-L), the payload is a miniaturized configuration of the existing COAPS payload fitted on main battle tanks and other armored vehicles.

It provides light platforms with advanced ISTAR capabilities and situational awareness to support various missions.

According to the company, the COAPS-L can operate as an independent ISTAR payload or can be integrated into the platform’s weapon station.

The upgraded payload features a medium-wave infra-red channel, thermal channel, high-definition color day camera, an automated target tracker, and a laser range finder.

The new COAPS-L payload can enhance the surveillance capabilities of military ground vehicles. Photo: Elbit Systems

Additional Features

Elbit Systems revealed that its new COAPS-L payload can provide 360-degree, long-range ISTAR capabilities for day and night military operations.

The system features artificial intelligence video analytics, enabling automatic target recognition and classification.

It also has a high-performance video motion detector and enhanced image processing capability.

Additionally, the COAPS-L has open architecture to support integration with command-and-control systems and allow for future upgrades.

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