UK Taps BISim to Provide Defense Virtual Simulation Solution

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded a 7.2-million-pound ($8.7 million) contract to Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) to deliver its Defense Virtual Simulation 2 (DVS2) solution.

The DVS2 solution allows military personnel to simulate the use of various equipment across many types of terrain.

It has “flexible” networking options for immersive battlegroup-level training to enhance the combat readiness of the British Army.

Among the battlefield scenarios are piloting a jet fighter, parachuting into a warzone, and operating vehicles and weapons.

The DVS2 can also train soldiers in providing first aid, tactical support for fellow soldiers, and humanitarian assistance with an aircraft carrier.

‘Additional, Accessible Training’

When training with the DVS2, soldiers can use the intuitive Editor tool to simulate vehicles, buildings, objects, and other infrastructure.

The tool allows users to experiment in complex environments, such as in urban warfare.

According to Defence, Equipment, and Support official Nick Taylor, the equipment and technology provided to soldiers must keep up with evolving battlefield capabilities.

“This virtual training capability will allow for additional, accessible training outside of the more traditional physical operations that our military personnel regularly undertake,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Jes Giles claims that introducing the DVS2 solution is a “significant step” in modernizing the military.

He further noted that the tech would deliver “a richer and more demanding virtual environment” for soldiers to prepare them for future missions.

Apart from providing the actual solution, the multimillion-dollar contract requires BISim to facilitate frequent software updates.

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