Canadian Military Selects SAKO TRG M10 Rifle as New Sniper Weapon

Canada has selected the SAKO TRG M10 bolt-action rifle as the new sniper weapon for its armed forces.

According to an announcement by Stoeger Canada, the Finnish firearms manufacturer will deliver 229 of the rifles by the end of the year.

The delivery is part of a $2.6 million contract awarded by the Canadian Army for the new weapon.

The M10 will reportedly allow the use of two different calibers of ammunition, depending on operational requirements.

National Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said that the C21 rifle can provide the armed forces with greater flexibility due to its adjustable folding stock.

Additionally, it can be mounted with high-performance night vision devices to increase operational effectiveness.

The SAKO M10 Rifle

According to SAKO, the TRG M10 is a multi-functional weapon system suitable for a variety of military operations.

It features a high-capacity magazine and has a proven effective range of 1,200 meters (3,937 feet).

The sniper rifle’s cutting-edge stock is designed to meet individual demands, including the shooter’s personal style, build, and posture.

Additionally, a 2013 update of SAKO TRG weapons introduced a new trigger mechanism that ensures improved safety in case the rifle is accidentally dropped.

‘Significant Project’

SAKO General Manager Raimo Karjalainen expressed gratitude to the Department of National Defence for selecting the company to supply the high-powered rifles to the Canadian military.

He described the agreement as a “significant project” that emphasizes SAKO’s commitment to supporting the defense capabilities of the Canadian armed forces.

“Sako’s commitment to great products that meet the needs of defense forces worldwide continues in Canada as we deliver the SAKO TRG M10 as the MCSW (Multi-Caliber Sniper Weapon), satisfying long and medium range sniper needs with the multi-caliber capability,” he explained.

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