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Raytheon Awarded $217M Multi-Service Tomahawk Contract

The US Navy has awarded Raytheon Missile Systems a $217.1 million multi-service Tomahawk missile contract through 2025.

The US Army and the Marine Corps will receive the naval missile for the first time. 

The marines want to use the Tomahawk as a land-based anti-ship missile that can be launched from ships, shores, and islands. The service is developing and fielding land-based launching platforms for the purpose.

The army will employ the missile along with Raytheon’s SM-6 missile on its Mid-Range Capability battery, planned for fielding in September 2023. 

Tomahawk Block V

All three services will receive the latest Block V version of the missile, which is capable of in-flight updates and has improved navigation.

The Block V comes in two variants: Block Va for striking maritime targets and Vb for hardened land-based targets such as “reinforced concrete bunkers and command posts,” with an “advanced warhead.”

Multi-Service Procurement

The Tomahawk Weapons System Program Office (PMA-280) used Economy Act 31 USC 1535 and 1536 to procure the missile. The act allows “one agency to obtain goods with another agency under certain circumstances.”

“This is a major accomplishment for the program as we move forward into a new era for the Tomahawk Missile System,” said Capt. John Red, PMA-280.  

“We look forward to delivering this capability not only to the fleet, but to our Marines and Soldiers around the globe.”

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