Iran Unveils ‘Simorgh’ Light Military Transport Aircraft

The Simorgh military transport helicopter. Photo: Tasnim News Agency/CC4.0

The Iranian Defense Ministry has introduced its new domestically-developed light military transport helicopter, the “Simorgh.”

The unveiling took place at the Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation with Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani in attendance.

According to Ashtiani, the Simorgh is the latest version of the same generation of transport aircraft that suits the increasing needs of the Iranian military.

It is reportedly designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the country.

The minister said that the new transport aircraft also features a cutting-edge propulsion system, fuselage, and other components developed by local avionics experts.

Iran has already conducted ground and aerial tests of the Simorgh to ensure that the aircraft meets international standards.

Additional Capabilities

During the ceremony, Ashtiani explained that the light transport aircraft can perform takeoffs and landings on short runways.

Its payload capacity and agility also make it a “suitable option” as an air ambulance or rescue plane.

Development of the Simorgh is expected to boost the country’s industry and economy, as it will “absorb foreign currency, as well as create direct and indirect jobs.”

Production of the light aircraft also prepares Tehran to design and manufacture more advanced aircraft.

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