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USAF to Build $604M F-35 Maintenance Complex at Tyndall

The US Air Force is investing up to $604 million to construct a maintenance complex and other facilities for the F-35A Lightning II aircraft at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

Hurricane Michael devastated the base in 2018, with almost every building on the property either destroyed or damaged.

The “largest-ever” military construction contract on record in the USAF database, which dates to 2008, it covers up to 11 projects to deliver flight operations support for the aircraft.

Facilities to be built at the Tyndall Air Force Base include a corrosion control area, aircraft parking apron, group headquarters, hangers, aircraft support equipment storage, and an F-35 flight simulator training facility.

“The rebuild gives us the unique opportunity to reimagine how we accommodate the needs of the F-35,” Natural Disaster Recovery (NDR) Division official Col. Travis Leighton said.

“We’re leveraging cutting-edge technology to increase cybersecurity and perimeter defense, enhance base safety and equip Airmen to execute the missions of today and tomorrow.”

‘Creating a Resilient Environment’

The air force stated that the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron has already begun renovating some Tyndall Air Force Base buildings to support F-35A operations.

However, flight line facility construction in Zone 1 is scheduled to commence this summer.

All facilities at the base will reportedly be designed to resist winds up to 165 miles (265 kilometers) per hour.

Additionally, the new buildings will have finished floor elevations that could tolerate up to seven feet of future sea-level rise.

“The rebuilding effort must incorporate planning and design strategies that support operational readiness and efficiency; create a secure, resilient environment; address flood and storm surge risks; and consolidate development to use land efficiently,” the air force stated.

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