Poland to Equip Tank Destroyers With Brimstone Missiles

The Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) has signed an agreement with arms manufacturer MBDA UK to equip its tank-busting vehicles with Brimstone anti-tank guided missiles.

The deal is a continuation of the 2019 pact between the companies to design and develop the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer.

Under the contract, the British Brimstone missiles will be manufactured at various PGZ facilities in Poland.

The UK has reportedly been competing with other international arms manufacturers to supply some critical components of the tank-busting vehicles.

The Brimstone has recently played a role in Ukraine, being used to destroy Russian armored vehicles.

Strengthening Cooperation

According to PGZ Chief Executive Officer Sebastian Chwałek, the deal signifies that Poland and the UK are committed to strengthening their defense cooperation.

“In difficult times, it is good to have partners one can rely on,” Chwalek said. “As a result of the Polish-British cooperation, a joint offer will be made to the Polish Armed Forces and allied forces, our companies will also enter supply chains.”

An agreement was signed between the PGZ and MBDA UK for the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer. Photo: MBDA

Meanwhile, MBDA UK Managing Director Chris Allam expressed that the integration of Brimstone missiles into the Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer provides another opportunity for both companies to further build on an “already strong relationship.”

He vows that the British firm will continue to support the development of Poland’s military and industrial capabilities.

The Brimstone Missile

The Brimstone anti-tank guided missile is a “combat proven, low collateral” weapon capable of engaging an array of targets, including fast-moving vehicles and vessels.

It can reportedly engage enemy assets with pinpoint accuracy.

When deployed on a fixed-wing platform, the weapon supports rapid response for close air support and counter-insurgency missions.

“Operationally deployed in the Afghanistan-Libya conflicts, Brimstone has proved to be the weapon of choice with its ability to perform surgical strikes in time critical missions with a true day/night capability,” MBDA states on its website.

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