US Navy Seeks Hypersonic Weapon Integration on Warships, Submarines

The US Navy has issued a sources sought notice to defense and technology firms for the possible integration of hypersonic weapons on surface warships and attack submarines.

According to the notice, integrators must be able to provide technical program management and system engineering to integrate the Conventional Prompt Strike hypersonic missile onto Zumwalt-class destroyers and Virginia-class submarines.

The missile must come in a three-pack configuration to support the destroyer and the submarine.

The notice requires interested parties to provide Weapon Control System hardware and software design and facilitate its development and testing.

The US Navy clarifies that the sources sought notice is not a request for proposal and does not constitute a contract award.

Companies wishing to participate in the initiative must submit one white paper indicating their capabilities and experience in building, integrating, testing, and producing a Conventional Prompt Strike weapon system.

Accelerating Development of Hypersonic Weapons

The US government has ramped up the development, acquisition, and testing of hypersonic weapons to deter evolving threats.

In March, US Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday announced that the country’s Zumwalt-class destroyer would be the first US naval platform to feature hypersonic weapons.

At least two sets of hypersonic missile tubes will reportedly be inserted on the port and starboard sides of the ship by 2025.

The US has also agreed to collaborate with the UK and Australia to bolster their hypersonic weapons and electronic warfare capabilities.

Additionally, several budget justification documents obtained by Breaking Defense indicate that the Navy is looking to develop an air-launched, ship-killing missile with hypersonic speed.

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