US Marines to Upgrade Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare Capabilities

The US Marine Corps is looking to improve its reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities to better confront evolving threats.

The plan comes as the service continues to implement a decade-long revamp called “Force Design 2030,” intended to prepare soldiers to deter near-peer threats.

The US Marine Corps has realized that intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and electronic warfare are “essential on the modern battlefield.”

The service is looking at capabilities such as loitering munitions, small drones, and tools that allow soldiers to manage their electronic signature.

It is also expected to invest in additional electronic warfare and signals intelligence capabilities, according to the Force Design 2030 annual update.

“Here’s what we’re learning: small, distributed, lethal teams that can employ organic ISR, loitering munitions, and weapons like a javelin are much more lethal than larger formations that are using traditional force structures and concepts,” Commandant Gen. David Berger said during the Modern Day Marine Exposition.

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