Rheinmetall Delivers 3,000 Military Vehicles to Germany

German defense manufacturer Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) announced that it has delivered 3,000 unprotected transport vehicles (UTVs) to the German military.

The delivery was part of a 2017 contract to produce 2,000 UTVs capable of carrying up to 15 tons (30,000 pounds) of payload.

Germany received 1,000 more than requested in the original agreement.

According to the company, the transport vehicle has already proven its operational effectiveness in German army logistics.

“The [UTV] is a showpiece project that paved the way for new procurement methods,” Rheinmetall chairman Michael Wittlinger said in a press release. “Financed by the German government’s pandemic recovery package, additional vehicles were called-off and delivered.”

Additional Military Supplies

Apart from the UTVs, Germany has also taken delivery of palletized load-handling systems known as “Wechselladersysteme” (WLS).

To be mounted on RMMV’s family of HX military trucks, the systems feature a hook loader and a protected cabin for enhanced survivability and tactical flexibility.

“WLS and [UTV] show how defense programs can be carried out in exemplary fashion,” Rheinmetall official Armin Papperger said. “This success is the result of close cooperation built on mutual trust between the German parliament, the armed forces, and the defense industry – for which great thanks are due to all those involved.”


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