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Iran’s Navy to Launch Two Indigenous Destroyers

Iran has claimed that the production of two indigenous destroyers, the Zagros and Damavand-2, has made significant progress and that they will join the country’s navy “in the near future.”

As per the Iranian Navy, the studies related to the manufacturing of the destroyers have been completed and they are soon expected to enter the production phase. 

During a televised interview with state-owned IRINN last week, navy commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said that the two vessels will be handed over to the naval forces in an official ceremony soon. He didn’t provide any specific details or the date of delivery.

“The reason is that they must pass rigorous tests, and the accumulated technical information must then be transferred to the technical and industrial departments of the Navy and reorganized in compliance with the latest technology,” Irani said.

Range of Latest Inductions 

In recent years, Iran has made significant progress in the production of indigenous equipment in a bid to make its military self-sufficient.

Iran is in the middle of the final testing of the Damavand class destroyers, which are also expected to join the navy soon.

In June last year, the navy received the Dena and a minesweeper. 

Dena is the fourth Jamaran-class destroyer and is equipped with a helicopter landing zone and a range of defense systems. It is capable of detecting, tracking, and hitting various aerial, surface, and underwater threats. 

The minesweeper, named Shahin, is capable of detecting and neutralizing naval mines.


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