BAE Systems to Develop Enemy Paralyzing Tech for US

BAE Systems plant in Warton near Preston, north-west England. Photo: AFP

BAE Systems has signed a contract worth $2.8 million with the US Air Force Research Laboratory to develop a new approach to defeat enemies by paralyzing their warfare decision-making abilities.

As part of the Complexity Modeling in Multiple Domains program, the company will deploy different methods like jamming communication, cyber-attacks, kinetic attacks, and a combination of other techniques to cripple adversaries’ ability to react timely and coherently. 

It will develop highly sophisticated models to analyze how enemies operate across all domains by capturing their “decision calculus” and determine how different attacks could affect their ability to respond and ultimately drive them to the point of indecision. 

“The goal of the COMMAND program is to understand the imposition of complex Courses of Action against an adversary’s integrated systems of systems by modelling their decision calculus,” BEA official Mike Miller said.

The model will target the enemy’s Observe, Orient, Decide and Act loop to push the opponent into strategic paralysis and will influence how information flows through the adversary’s decision-making process.

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