UK Seeking Human Augmentation Tech

The UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has announced that it is seeking human augmentation technologies for defense and security.

Human augmentation uses science and technology to temporarily or permanently modify human performance to overcome operational challenges where human performance is the limiting factor in delivering operational success.

According to DASA, the operational demands and technical challenges to the country’s defense capabilities are expected to increase as the battlefield becomes more complex due to advanced technologies.

Because of that, it is reportedly vital to explore “if human augmentation technologies can be harnessed safely, legally, and ethically to develop enhanced levels of operator (and system) performance in military and security capability.”

DASA said it would spend about 70,000 euros ($74,000) on proposals that provide a proof of concept over six months.

Needed Capabilities

DASA revealed that it is interested in acquiring human augmentation technologies that deliver a “competitive advantage” to the British military.

The tech must optimize physical or psychological performance, enable an individual to work longer at a desired level of performance, and support performance restoration.

Examples of human augmentation tech are wearable assistive devices (exoskeletons), sensory enhancement technologies, nutritional supplements, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Interested defense and technology firms must demonstrate how the tech will provide humans with advanced capability or greater performance utilized for defense.

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