Germany Considering Long-Range Howitzers for Ukraine: Report

The German government is considering a proposal to send seven Panzerhaubitze 2000 long-range armored howitzers to Ukraine, Bloomberg revealed, citing sources.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is examining a recommendation made by Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and several other proposals, the outlet added.

If approved, this would be the heaviest — 61.5 tons — and most potent German offensive weapon supplied to Ukraine. 

Insufficient Stocks

Germany has resisted requests to send heavy weapons to Ukraine due to its insufficient stocks. The country reportedly has 119 Panzerhaubitzes, of which only 40 are functional.

The country has reportedly offered to train Ukrainian soldiers in Germany on the weapons, which the Netherlands intends to send to the embattled Eastern European country. 

Other Weapons Proposals

Germany has also offered to supply ammunition for the Panzerhaubitze, which has a range of 30-60 kilometers (18.5-37 miles) depending upon the shell.

Last week, Berlin confirmed reports that it would also approve the delivery of 50 Gepard air defense systems to the embattled country. 

A senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels, Jacob Kirkegaard, told Bloomberg, “If approved, this would be a strong move by Chancellor Olaf Scholz as it would put Germany on par with Europe’s biggest weapons suppliers for Ukraine.” 

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