Russia Confirms ‘High-Precision’ Strike on Kyiv During UN Visit

Russia’s defense ministry on Friday confirmed it had carried out an air strike on Kyiv during a visit by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“High-precision, long-range air-based weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed the production buildings of the Artyom missile and space enterprise in Kyiv,” the ministry said in its daily briefing on the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine said Friday that one person had been killed in the strike on Thursday, the first in the capital in nearly two weeks and which Guterres’s spokesman described as “shocking.”

Guterres on Thursday toured Bucha and other Kyiv suburbs where Moscow is alleged to have committed war crimes.

The defense ministry said its forces had carried out a range of air strikes on Thursday, destroying three power substations at Ukrainian railway hubs and a Tochka-U missile launcher that it said had carried out an attack on the Russian-held city of Kherson.


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