Canada to Spend $1 Billion on New Radar System

Canada will spend more than $1 billion on a new radar system to protect major North American cities, according to a report by local media outlet Ottawa Citizen.

The radar system will be built in southern Canada to monitor Arctic airspace and protect vital US and Canadian locations.

According to a defense briefing held earlier this month, the over-the-horizon radar system will provide “long-range surveillance” of northern approaches to the population centers in the region.

The north-facing, high-frequency radar is expected to be operational by 2028.

Military officials explained that the budget for the new system could rise once the country starts deploying it for military purposes.

‘Improving Continental Security’

The plan to invest over $1 billion in a new radar system is part of Canada’s continuing efforts to improve continental security.

Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand announced that the country is working to modernize the joint US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) and North Warning System radars in the Arctic.

She stated that Canada will be bringing forward a “robust package” of investments to bolster its continental defense in partnership with the US.

The nation has also begun researching new technologies for increased continental security, including a Raytheon contract to study long-range, over-the-horizon radar detection.

“The current defence and security climate also has underscored that we need to do more to bolster our defences in Canada and North America at large,” Anand said.

Increased Defense Spending

Earlier this month, Canada’s finance minister announced that the country is allocating more money to beef up its defense spending in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A portion of the increased military budget has been earmarked to strengthen Canada’s surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

On Monday, the Canadian military said it is acquiring three spy planes for $247 million under a US foreign military sales agreement.

The Royal Canadian Navy also signed a contract with Swedish corporation Saab to upgrade its Halifax-class frigates with multi-role Sea Giraffe AMB naval radar antenna kits.

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