Poland Buys Short-Range Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Short-range surface-to-air missile systems will be delivered to Poland following an agreement with the British subsidiary of the European arms manufacturing group MBDA on Monday, according to a statement.

Under the deal, MBDA will supply Poland’s PGZ-Narew consortium with CAMM iLauncher systems, which will be integrated into Poland’s Narew short-range air defense program.

“The PGZ-Narew consortium has concluded an agreement with MBDA regarding the schedule and terms of delivery of the Narew system components from the British partner,” according to the MBDA and PGZ-Narew statement.

Eventually, Poland wants to acquire 23 Narew anti-aircraft systems with a range of about 25 kilometers (15 miles).

The deal covers the integration of MBDA-produced launchers and missiles with the radiolocation station and the communication and command system manufactured by the Polish defense industry.

The value of the contract was not disclosed. The total cost of the program amounts to between 11 and 15 billion euros.

Initially, two units will be delivered to Poland under a fast-track process, the first in September and the second next year, according to a contract signed by the Ministry of Defence and PGZ-Narew on April 14.

Currently, CAMM missile components are produced by a Polish plant belonging to PGZ. Eventually, the missiles are to be produced entirely within the country.

Poland, which has outdated Soviet-designed anti-aircraft systems, has accelerated the purchase and installation of modern weapon systems following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In 2018, Poland bought two American Patriot long-range systems, which are set to be delivered this year.

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