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Thales Finishes Production of 1,000 Hawkei Military Vehicles for Australia

Multinational defense manufacturer Thales has completed the development of 1,000 Hawkei protected mobility vehicles – light (PMV-L) for the Australian armed forces.

The project is part of a $980-million contract signed between Australia and Thales in 2015 for the purchase of 1,100 Hawkei vehicles and 1,058 trailers delivered by 2022.

The Hawkei PMV-L is designed to enhance the protection of soldiers from explosives and ballistic threats, allowing them to perform military missions in high-risk areas.

The vehicle is also equipped with Plasan’s Super Multi-hit Armor Technology (SMART), which enables operators to customize the protection level depending on operational requirements.

In addition, the Hawkei can be configured for liaison and reconnaissance missions.

“We are very confident that this capability is exactly what our soldiers need to do their job in some pretty difficult and demanding circumstances,” Australian Defence Force official Major General Simon Stuart said.

According to Thales, an undisclosed number of the vehicles have already been delivered.

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