Sig Sauer Wins US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon Deal

The US Army has selected American arms manufacturer Sig Sauer to produce and deliver next-generation squad weapons (NGSW) and ammunition.

The defense firm edged out fellow finalist True Velocity after pitching a weapon that closely resembles the MCX assault rifle and has a 13-inch barrel and collapsible buttstock.

According to the army, the contract was awarded following a “rigorous” 27-month prototyping and evaluation effort that included numerous technical tests.

Sig Sauer will develop and supply the XM5 rifle and the XM250 automatic rifle variants of the NGSW over 10 years. It will also produce the 6.8 Common Cartridge Family of Ammunition.

The value of the initial delivery is $20.4 million, including weapons, ammunition, accessories, spares, and contractor support.

Next Generation Squad Weapon
The US Army expects to receive the Next Generation Squad Weapon over a 10-year period. Photo: US Army

‘Providing Capability Improvements’

The NGSW is reportedly the service’s solution to range, accuracy, and lethality challenges of small arms for close combat forces.

Maj. Wyatt Ottmar said the new weapon system incorporates improved ergonomics, signature-suppressing capabilities, data power transfer, and new rail designs.

The XM5 and XM250 are expected to provide “significant capability improvements.”

“They are lightweight, fire more lethal ammunition, mitigate recoil, provide improved barrel performance, and include integrated muzzle sound and flash reduction,” the US Army explained.

The NGSW will be paired with the advanced XM157 fire control system for increased accuracy and lethality.

It is slated to replace the US Army’s M4 Carbine and M249 Squad Automatic Weapons.

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