BAE Systems to Install Missile Warning Systems on Apache Helicopters

BAE Systems has been awarded a $22 million contract to produce the AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) for a Foreign Military Sales customer’s fleet of Apache attack helicopters.

According to the aerospace firm, the CMWS alerts crews to incoming hostile fire and missile threats. It also automatically coordinates and cues countermeasures.

Additionally, the system enables smooth data recording for post-mission analysis.

The CMWS will feature the company’s new Gen3X Electronic Control Unit with updated components to provide improved processing capabilities and sustainability.

“Our Common Missile Warning System is a tried-and-true, electronic warfare system that protects aircraft and their crews in the most complex battlespaces,” BAE Systems official Chris Austin said in a press release.

The missile warning system is currently installed on military aircraft in 18 countries, including the US. It has reportedly logged 4 million combat theater flight hours since 2005.

BAE Systems did not provide specific information about the foreign customer that will receive the new CMWS units.

Missile warning
BAE Systems’ AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System. Photo: BAE Systems

The Apache Helicopter

According to the US Acquisition Support Center, the Apache attack helicopter is designed to destroy armor, personnel, and materiel targets under various battlefield conditions.

It is a twin-engine, four-blade tandem-seat attack aircraft that features an M230 30-millimeter cannon, Hydra-70 2.75-inch rockets, and Hellfire missiles.

The helicopter has a maximum speed of 164 knots (303 kilometers/188 miles per hour) and can fly at a range of up to 260 nautical miles (481 kilometers).

The Apache includes an open systems architecture to incorporate the latest communications, navigation, sensor, and weapon systems.

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