Lockheed to Build Aegis Air Defense System for US Cruisers, Destroyers

American defense giant Lockheed Martin has received a $92.5 million order to produce Aegis air defense and radar systems for the US Navy.

The agreement includes the design, development, testing, delivery, and integration of the Aegis Advanced Capability Build 20 onto the country’s cruisers and destroyers.

Considered by many as the world’s most advanced combat system, the Aegis utilizes state-of-the-art computers and radars to track and guide weapons toward enemy targets.

It is equipped with the AN/SPY-1 radar, MK 99 fire control system, weapons control, command, and decision suite, and various extended-range missiles.

Work for the contract will be performed in New Jersey and is scheduled for completion by December 2022.

Additional Features

Since the development of the Aegis combat system began in the 1980s, engineers at Lockheed have been working to integrate additional capabilities to keep up with modern threats.

The American firm has successfully installed a ballistic missile defense system and a surface search and fire control radar to detect and track incoming targets at sea level.

Additionally, Lockheed will work to expand the Tactical Data Link capability of the Aegis system for improved interoperability and shipboard training capability.

“Lockheed Martin and the Aegis Combat System continue to keep pace with evolving integrated air and missile threats, introducing new capabilities to create the latest generation of advanced solid-state technologies,” the company states on its website.

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