Indra to Provide Radar Systems to France

Defense and technology firm Indra has been selected to provide state-of-the-art traffic management and radar systems to three French airbases.

According to the company, the Primary Surveillance (PSR) 2D S-band radar incorporates the latest technologies for effective monitoring, automation, and control of military airbases.

It is reportedly capable of operating with maximum precision even in the presence of interference or anomalies caused by bad weather or rugged terrain.

Indra also stated that its radar system provides “extremely useful” weather information for military pilots and controllers.

“These are airbases that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, serving elite pilots who carry out the most demanding missions,” the company explained. “As military airbases, they are also always prepared to respond immediately to sudden changes in traffic demand.”

Indra said that its PSR 2D S-band radar complies with International Civil Aviation Organization and Eurocontrol standards.

‘Most Advanced Techniques’

The company explained that its engineers have integrated the “most advanced techniques” in building the PSR 2D.

The system can now eliminate the noise caused by wind turbines, which is a common problem for both civil and military airports.

It also boasts an optimized moving target detector to enable operators to detect any aircraft in the most adverse conditions, making it safer for military pilots to fulfill missions.

The company is now finalizing the installment of the PSR 2D S-band radar and traffic management systems at the DAX airbase, which is part of the French Army’s Light Aviation Pilot School.

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