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Japan Raises New Land-Based Electronic Warfare Unit

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) has established a new electronic warfare (EW) unit to detect, analyze, and disrupt adversary electromagnetic communication and radar signals.

Headquartered at JGSDF Camp Asaka, the 180-member unit will reportedly be the seventh ground forces EW unit, with three more expected to be set up this year.

Vehicle-Mounted EW System

Each EW unit is equipped with vehicle-mounted network electronic warfare systems (NEWS) to jam “enemy radio waves in an integrated manner” and “establish information superiority over potential adversaries,” Kyodo News wrote.

According to Mainichi, the NEWS detects electromagnetic communication frequencies of aircraft and vessels around Japan during peacetime and is capable of detecting and jamming “enemy missiles, drones and other battlefield assets” during a conflict. 

Parliamentary vice minister of defense Yasutaka Nakasone said, “It is essential that the unit (as a whole) effectively inhibit our adversaries’ [capabilities].” 

Japan’s Effort to Raise EW Capabilities

Japan’s attempt to raise its EW capabilities comes at a time when Russia has demonstrated its EW prowess in Crimea and subsequent Syrian operations, knocking out adversary command and control, radar and GPS systems, and paralyzing drones. China has also rapidly enhanced its EW capabilities. 

As part of the effort, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force inducted the RC-2 electronic intelligence-gathering aircraft in 2020 as a replacement for its 50-year-old YS-11EB reconnaissance plane. The air force will reportedly buy four to five RC-2s and is reportedly looking to acquire Boeing’s EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft.

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