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Elbit Systems Clinches $27M Swedish Tank Ammunition Deal

Israeli-based Elbit Systems has been awarded a $27 million contract to supply ammunition for Swedish Leopard main battle tanks.

Awarded by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, the agreement requires the defense giant to deliver M339 120-millimeter ammunition and data setting units for the Leopard tanks.

According to the company, the M339 is a high-accuracy, 120-mm tank round that complies with US military and NATO standards.

It will reportedly provide improved firepower and ability for the battle tanks to engage various targets.

“I believe that this selection by Sweden underscores the growing recognition by Western armies of the unique quality of our portfolio of products,” Elbit general manager Yehuda (Udi) Vered said in a press release.

Work for the contract is expected to be complete in 10 months.

In 2020, the defense firm also won a contract with Finland to supply M339 rounds for its Leopard 2 tanks.

The Leopard Tank

Originally German, the Leopard main battle tank is equipped with a land navigation system and a mine protection system consisting of add-on armor elements, including new plate and vision systems.

It is also fitted with an independent periscope for day and night observation and target identification, providing an all-around view of its surroundings.

The Leopard’s gunner station also has a dual magnification stabilized primary sight with a laser rangefinder and thermal sight.


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