US Army to Invest $183 Million for Safer Humvee Tactical Vehicles

The US Army is investing over $180 million to make high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV or Humvees) safer for personnel.

The budget allocation is included in the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill signed by US President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

As part of the initiative, the service will install anti-lock brake systems with electronic stability control kits into some of its Humvees.

Although the funding exceeds the Army’s original budget request of $10.5 million, it is reportedly not enough to upgrade the service’s entire fleet of 5,421 legacy vehicles.

In 2021, a similar effort to purchase and install safety kits in the Humvees was scrapped in favor of a $200-million budget acquisition of new Humvees equipped with the latest safety technology.

Despite the funding being granted, it was stated that the $183 million allocation could only be used in fiscal 2022. Another legislative battle may take place if the Army cannot upgrade its legacy vehicles this year.

Involvement in Accidents

The multimillion-dollar investment seeks to retrofit as many aging Humvees as possible this fiscal year because the tactical vehicles are prone to rollovers and have caused dozens of accidental deaths.

Last week, a Humvee rolled over during a training exercise at Joint Base Cape Cod, injuring all four occupants and severely damaging the vehicle.

The US Army reported 14 rollover fatalities between 2015 and 2018 and eight vehicle-related military deaths in 2019.

“There have been more than 150 service members killed and hundreds more injured in accidents due to [Humvee] roll overs,” Texas Republican Pat Fallon said in an emailed statement to Roll Call. “It is imperative that the Army have the necessary resources to ensure this no longer happens.”

The Humvee Tactical Vehicle

Manufactured by AM General, the Humvee is a lightweight, four-wheel-drive tactical vehicle equipped with a standard chassis to carry a variety of military equipment, including machine guns and anti-tank missile launchers.

It is designed to operate in various terrain including jungles and deserts for an extended duration.

The Humvee travels at a maximum speed of 70 miles (112 kilometers) per hour. It can be air-dropped using a low-altitude parachute extraction system to support soldiers deployed in challenging environments.


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