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BAE Offers India CV-90 Platform for Multiple Requirements

BAE Systems’ Swedish division, Hägglunds, has offered the CV-90 baseline platform to the Indian Army to meet multiple military requirements.

The platform can be used as a chassis for conversion into light tanks, medium tanks, or Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) depending on mission requirements.

Regional sales director Darren Restarick told Janes that the CV90 series meets all the Indian military’s light tank, Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle, and Future Ready Combat Vehicle requirements.

“You have three platforms. Under the rules of the Defense Acquisition Procedure 2020, you will have three times the cost of technology transfer, development, supply and maintenance, and training,” he said.

“This is not a little money, complexity, or time. And what we’re saying is that we have a base platform that can meet all three capabilities with a modular armored system and interchangeable towers.”

The announcement comes as India seeks to upgrade its fleet with modern armored vehicles.  

About the CV-90 platform

The CV-90 platform can be used for many various armored vehicles, including the IFV CV90 MkIV, main battle tank CV90, CV90 IFV, CV90 Adaptive battle tank, and other AFVs.

The vehicle has many applications, including air defense, tactical mobility, anti-tank defense, and high survivability. It is also easily transportable by air, land, or sea.

The AFV series is highly-rated in the 20-35 ton class and has been deployed on UN and NATO combat missions in many countries, including Afghanistan.

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