Latvia Demands Weapons, Equipment From Germany

Latvian defense minister Artis Pabriks is demanding weapons and military equipment from the government of Germany.

In an interview with German news publication Der Spiegel, the minister pointed out that the US has provided Latvia with generous military aid and urged the Germans “to do the same.”

Pabriks claims that Germany has made “historic turns” in its defense capabilities and must now help the small country acquire high-powered weapons to protect itself.

“We are a small country next to a big bully. If we are to prevent aggression against Europe and NATO, we need support,” he said. “Europe is only safe together.”

The official admitted that although his country needs better defense equipment like the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and the Patriot missile system, Latvia could not afford to buy these cutting-edge systems.

He also said that while the Latvian government is happy when allies send soldiers for improved defense, it would be better if they improve the country’s firepower to address evolving threats.

Improving National Defense

Pabriks said that the country is preparing 8,000 personnel of the Latvian National Guard to help more than 6,000 professional soldiers defend the country in case of conflict.

The country seeks to increase its number of National Guard soldiers to 12,000.

According to the defense minister, all students above grade 10 are required to spend one day per month learning to defend the country.

“Currently, we are experiencing historic levels of interest in defending our country: In the past 10 days, there were more applications for membership in the National Guard than in the entire year in 2021,” Pabriks revealed.

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