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Israel Selects Cognata Simulation Suite for Autonomous Vehicle Training

The Israel Ministry of Defense has chosen software firm Cognata to provide a simulation suite for the support, training, and testing of autonomous military vehicles.

The company’s simulation software will be integrated into the Israeli Defense Forces’ latest autonomous vehicle technologies to ensure they are safe and ready to deploy.

With the help of an advanced driver assistance system, the “highly realistic” technology reportedly helps vehicles confront the challenges of an unfamiliar environment.

“Cognata’s AV (autonomous vehicles) off-road simulation is designed to test, train, and validate perception and control challenges for terrains that do not offer a clear road definition and for paths that offer challenging conditions such as boulders, side slopes, difficult tractions, and more,” the company explained in a press release.

Cognata further stated that the simulation platform allows for the thorough evaluation of sensor-generated situations and complex data sets and automatically generates analysis for reduced training time.

‘Creating Novel Visualization’

Cognata chief executive officer Danny Atsmon explained that highly accurate and scalable simulation technologies are essential in validating autonomous vehicles, particularly those used by the military.

He said that the platform rapidly creates “novel visualization” and synthetic environment approaches to enable improved training and increased reliability.

The technology’s ability to simulate “nearly infinite” combinations of real-world scenarios also reduces human error in critical mission tasks and builds trust in human-machine teaming.

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