Baanto Unveils 27-Inch Touchscreen Tech for Military Applications

Canada-based technology firm Baanto International has unveiled its new 27-inch ShadowSense touch screen tech designed for militaries and other defense forces.

Touchscreen solutions reportedly offer significant advantages for military and aerospace applications. They enable intuitive ease of use and reduced power and weight when mounted on aircraft or ground vehicles.

The company explained that its ShadowSense tech could provide the military with high reliability and resistance to failures, false touches, direct sunlight, and problems related to electrostatic radiation.

“Our technology also allows for highest optical clarity, brightness, and image sharpness that is essential for critical operations,” Baanto chief executive officer Av Utukuri said in a press release. “Other touch technologies … require additional layers on top of the viewable surface of the display, which significantly affects the contrast of the screen.”

Nighy Vision Imaging

According to the company, the ShadowSense touchscreen fulfills Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) requirements, ensuring that operators can execute missions regardless of ambient light levels.

Evaluation samples of the NVIS-compliant tech are now available for interested customers. Baanto said that it can customize the ShadowSense solutions to meet specific design and size requirements of potential buyers.

“ShadowSense based solutions have already been proven; customers have achieved certification for the most stringent military applications such as military flight avionics, marine and land-based systems,” the firm stated.

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