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BAE Demonstrates Advanced Manned-Unmanned Teaming Tech

BAE Systems has demonstrated its manned-unmanned aerial vehicle teaming technology at a US Department of Defense flight test range.

According to the company, operators conducted collaborative missions using the technology in a simulated environment.

Manned aircraft operators participating in the flight test underscored the “maturity” of the manned-unmanned teaming tech, specifically its user-friendly interface that increases mission safety and lethality.

The demonstration utilized real mission sensors mounted on several unmanned military platforms and a manned fighter aircraft to execute combat tactics. A human-machine interface monitored mission progress while interacting with the drones.

“The technology enables the rapid infusion of new payloads and platforms into the fleet to quickly enhance mission effectiveness and counter adversary technology,” BAE Systems explained in a press release.

Protecting Warfighters

Seen as a powerful new tool for the US military, the teaming technology is designed to offer increased responsiveness, broadened capabilities, and reduced risk to human and technological assets.

The technology can integrate drones with a fleet of crewed aircraft wirelessly, efficiently sharing data across all platforms and solving complex tactical problems.

“The development of autonomous technology is crucial to protect our warfighters against emerging threats,” BAE Systems vice president Ehtisham Siddiqui said. “This flight test demonstrates our team’s commitment to accelerate the deployment of reliable and innovative manned-unmanned teaming solutions for mission success.”

BAE military aircraft systems director Matthew Trouve explained that the technology is safe to use, as it was developed using the company’s “deep expertise” in flight control systems.

“This provides the warfighter with the necessary trust and confidence in our solution to operate in the same environment as autonomous unmanned teammates,” he stressed.

The company said it would continue development efforts with the US defense sector and invest in additional capabilities to advance its manned-unmanned teaming technology.

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