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Australia Seeking Emissions Reduction Tech for Military Vehicles

Australia has awarded 1.53 million Australian dollars ($1.1 million) to local engineering firm Premcar to develop an emissions reduction technology for the country’s military vehicles.

Although military vehicles are exempt from emissions standards due to their critical roles, new mandates have adjusted Australian emissions requirements to adhere to international standards.

As part of the project, Premcar will develop the tech for the Cummins six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, which will be configured to have an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engine will then be sent to an Australian military vehicle manufacturer for integration.

“Over the 24-month project, we’ll heavily revise the [engine and transmission] and then calibrate [them] with the best partners from across the globe,” Premcar head Bernard Quinn said, as quoted by Drive.

Once developed, the technology could also be exported, since it will meet European standards.

The company revealed that the project will generate 5.25 million Australian dollars ($3.8 million)  in revenue within five years.

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