Rheinmetall Launches Lynx 120 for Mechanized Fire Support

German technology firm Rheinmetall has announced the development of its new Lynx 120 mechanized fire support vehicle with anti-tank capabilities.

A variant of the KF41 Lynx IFV, the Lynx 120 has merged the turret concept and 120mm smoothbore gun with the Lynx KF 41 chassis. Its secondary armaments include a .50 caliber machine gun and a coaxial machine gun in the commander’s remote weapon system.

“The basic idea behind the Lynx 120 design concept is to provide a combat system that offers maximum operational performance in combination with logistic advantages within a reasonable timeframe at a realistic cost,” the company said in a statement.

The Lynx 120 also features an open plug-and-play capability for future upgrades and simplified vehicle architecture that complies with NATO standards.

It is the first armored vehicle to feature the Rheinmetall StrikeShield Active Defence System.

Hungary is the first and, so far, the only Lynx 120 customer. However, the company said that other countries are interested in acquiring the vehicle to replace their old inventories.

The launch of the new variant comes after Rheinmetall unveiled the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV). It was designed and developed in Australia last year.

About the Lynx 120

According to the company, the Lynx 120 has been designed to deliver maximum lethality, mobility, protection, and survivability. 

In addition to its lightweight and customizable protection packages, the company is considering the combat vehicle to complement the KF41 Lynx for future customers.

The vehicle is also equipped with a 360-degree camera with automatic target tracking and detection to reduce crew workload.


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