Canada Taps Patriot to Develop Full-Motion Video Detection App

Canada’s Department of National Defence has awarded a nearly one million Canadian dollar ($786,840) contract to Patriot One Technologies to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled full-motion video analytics application.

According to the company, the application will detect, classify, and track objects and events of interest across sea, land, air, space, and cyber domains.

Named “RECCE,” the project will leverage the expertise and technologies of Patriot One and its innovation and development arm Xtract AI to enhance solutions that improve soldiers’ situational awareness.

According to Patriot One chief executive officer Peter Evans, the state-of-the-art object recognition technology can be applied in many ways, including providing a higher level of safety to people on the street and integrating it with drone cameras for surveillance.

“Imagine the value of very high threat detection and categorization in environments where the people, cameras, and other elements are in motion,” he said in a press release.

“These types of foundational innovations are a key part of Patriot One’s overall business strategy to integrate advanced AI analytics into our existing and future products.”

The company is expected to deliver the solution by March 2022.


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