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Sikorsky-Boeing Announces Honeywell Engine to Power DEFIANT X

The Sikorsky-Boeing Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft DEFIANT X will be powered by a Honeywell engine, the companies have announced.

The HTS7500 turboshaft engine is the latest in the Honeywell family of military helicopter engines, 42 percent more powerful than the newest version of the T55, which powers the CH-47 Chinook and MH-47.

It is also the lightest compared to other engines with similar horsepower, the manufacturer stated.

Agile, Fast, and Maneuverable

President, Defense & Space at Honeywell Aerospace Ricky Freeman said, “Honeywell is excited to be a part of Team DEFIANT and proud to play a part in the future of vertical lift for the US Army.

“We’re confident our HTS7500 engine on the DEFIANT X platform will provide the Army with an agile, fast, and maneuverable platform that will help ensure overmatch capability in the future battlespace.”

FLRAA Program

The announcement comes nearly six months after the companies unveiled the DEFIANT X project as their proposal for the US Army program to replace the iconic Black Hawk helicopter, in service for four decades.

Sikorsky’s parent company Lockheed Martin described DEFIANT X as “the fastest, most maneuverable, and most survivable assault helicopter in history.”

The DEFIANT X is up against Bell’s V-280 Valor advanced tiltrotor in the competition. The winner is expected to be announced this year.

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