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Russian Firm Unveils Stealth Submarine/Patrol Vessel Hybrid

Russia’s Rubin Design Bureau has unveiled a larger version of its Sentinel submersible patrol ship, first introduced in April.

The 72-meter (236-foot), 1,300-ton vessel features the “largest weapons suite,” including “a small-caliber automatic gun, two missile launchers, and four 324mm torpedo tubes,” TASS quoted the state-backed submarine design center as stating.

The vessel’s larger frame allowed a modification in its design, making it more stable and stealthy.


“The new contours with the wave-cutting forward bow and sloping sides reduce rolling motion, increase the ship’s steadiness as a weapons platform and cut radar signature,” Rubin explained.

“The sonar antenna is accommodated in the bulbous bow, which improves the conditions of its operation while the bulb cuts drag in the ship’s surface position. A more powerful propulsion unit helps develop a speed of 21 knots.” 

The ship also features two airtight hangars to accommodate boarding team boats, armament, drones, or other payloads. Its radar and sonar antennae allow it to detect intruders, while its stealth feature enables it to approach targets discreetly.

Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry. Image: Rubin Design Bureau

Anti-Submarine Drills

“Additionally, the ship can be used for conducting drills with anti-submarine forces and training the crews of classical submarines. The ship has an operational range of 4,000 nautical miles at a speed of 10 knots, which can be increased, if necessary,” the statement added.

The design bureau is marketing the vessel as Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry abroad. However, it is unclear whether the prototype is ready, and no induction timeline has yet been disclosed.


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