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Israel’s Rafael Unveils Sky Shield Electronic Attack Pod

Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. announced it has completed development of its Sky Shield family of Electronic Attack Pods for an unknown customer.

The company tweeted that the system is being trialed on a 4.5 generation aircraft.

The Sky Shield pod includes modern technologies such as a digital receiver, Digital Radio Frequency Memory, and solid-state transmitters, enabling the jamming of advanced radars, increasing the aircraft’s survivability during operations.


The pod’s electronically steered jamming device selects threats and customizes the specific solution, the company states. The jammer’s fast switching electronically steered transmitters simultaneously jam and deceive multiple threats using a directional transmission.

The fully autonomous system’s compact design and two configurations of 350 kilograms (772 pounds) and 700 kilograms (1543 pounds) allow it to be fitted on small and large aerial platforms.

The Brazilian Air Force bought the system in 2006 for its AMX fighter aircraft. In 2019, the company pitched the system for the Indian Air Force’s Tejas Light Combat Aircraft, but the country has not publicly responded.


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