Ireland Advised to Establish Military Cyber Command

Ireland’s Commission on the Defence Forces (CoDF) has recommended the government establish a sizable, well-resourced military cyber command capable of deterring online attacks against the state.

According to a report by The Irish Times, the cyber administration body, called “Information Command,” would employ up to 300 personnel and be part of the CoDF under a general’s command.

The cyber command would also rely on civilian staff and reservists.

As indicated in the proposal, the command would play a “frontline role in detecting and deterring cyberattacks, countering misinformation, and protecting the integrity of Irish elections from online threats.”

Establishing Information Command is one recommendation made by the CoDF. The commission also recommends the complete overhaul of command and control structures, the creation of a new chief of defense position, and the establishment of a joint strategic headquarters.

‘Likely to be Accepted’

Despite the report receiving criticism last year for “lacking in ambition,” military sources believe that the proposal will likely be accepted.

They pointed out that the cyberattack on the country’s Health Service Executive last year will likely influence the Irish government to move forward with the recommendation.

The Information Command proposal is based on similar structures set up in Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom. It would be made up of several sub-units, including deployable cyber units capable of accompanying overseas peacekeeping missions.

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