Two Firearm Firms Developing Computer-Aimed Weapon System

Two American firearm companies are developing a state-of-the-art fire control system that reportedly turns rifles of any caliber into “computer-aimed” weapons.

During the SHOT Show 2022, Maztech and Magpul debuted the X4 Fire Control System, a smart optic that can feed operators with firing data and maintain an updated round count.

According to a report by Task & Purpose, the X4 system consists of an optic mount, a laser aiming module, a round counter built into the rifle pistol grip, and a control keypad. It also has specialized digital magazines that feed operators information on how many rounds remain when firing.

The system also features a laser rangefinder that gathers distance and direction data then synchronizes it wirelessly on a display. Additionally, digital bullet-drop compensator reticles make weapon elevation adjustments for greater accuracy.

Despite the advantages of the X4 system, Task & Purpose noted that the equipment could be heavy and awkward under tight battle conditions. Comparatively short battery life may also be a factor affecting the device’s practicality.


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