Hungary to Upgrade Gripen Fighters

Hungary has concluded negotiations with Sweden to modernize the Gripen combat jets used by the Hungarian Air Force.

As part of the agreement, the aircraft will be upgraded to the MS20 Block 2 standard, which increases its combat and communication capabilities and provides access to a wider range of weapons.

The deal would see enhancement of the Gripen’s sensor capabilities, increasing its air-to-air target tracking range and improving its ability to detect small enemy air assets.

Additionally, Saab will improve the aircraft’s Link16 functionality and integrate the latest NATO Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe system.

The Swedish defense manufacturer said that the upgrade would allow the use of IRIS-T missiles, GBU-49 precision bombs, and Meteor air-to-air missiles.

“Thanks to the modernization of the Hungarian Gripen aircraft, the operational capabilities of the Hungarian Air Force will be significantly increased,” Major General Nandor Kilian said in a press release. “Our staff has appreciated a close and fruitful cooperation with the Swedish side on this specific modernization project.”

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