Turkey to Begin Mass Production of Hurjet Light Attack Jet

Turkey’s defense industry is moving forward with mass production of the Hurjet light attack aircraft, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported on Wednesday.

Originally designed as a jet trainer aircraft, the Hurjet is a single-engine, tandem-seat jet equipped with modern avionics and high-performance components to conduct combat missions.

With integrated missiles and other munitions, the jet is reportedly suitable for “effective” air-to-surface missions.

The Hurjet features a payload capacity of around three tons (3,000 kilograms), allowing it to carry SOM-J air-to-surface missiles and guided munitions to neutralize enemy assets.

The Turkish Air Force also uses the aircraft to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

The model is set to replace the country’s T-38 trainer aircraft fleet. Its manufacturers have also targeted the needs of potential international customers with the design.

Adding More Indigenous Systems

In addition to the Hurjet, Turkey’s Defense Industry Executive Committee discussed adding more indigenous systems to the Turkish military to boost its capacities.

Although no specific details were provided, the committee talked about initiating various projects for the country’s air, land, and naval forces.

The defense industry also highlighted the importance of continued local production of equipment with the help of modern technology and vowed to develop more indigenous systems for the military.


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