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Rafael Completes Developing Third-Gen Reconnaissance System

Israeli defense technology firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has completed the development of its third-generation reconnaissance system, RecceLite XR.

The state-of-the-art system is equipped with artificial intelligence and enhanced sensors that provide multi-spectral and real-time stand-off and stand-in reconnaissance.

Building on its predecessor, the latest version of RecceLite XR includes a pod and boasts an extended range of over 80 kilometers (49 miles). The system also features enhanced image resolution, real-time video, and advanced line-of-sight stabilization for extended area coverage.

RecceLite XR’s sensor suite covers four separate wavelengths: VIS, Near Infrared, Medium Wavelength Infrared, and Short Wavelength Infrared. It also has advanced image algorithms that enable wide-area persistent surveillance.

Recent Demonstration

In late 2021, Rafael demonstrated the third-generation RecceLite XR to an international delegation that included more than 20 industry partners and customers from various countries.

The reconnaissance system was employed in various simulations and underwent operational tasks with the support of other Rafael systems.

According to Rafael vice president Ofer Weinberg, the demonstration illustrated the company’s “combat-proven” intelligence capabilities, crucial in today’s urban warfare environments.

“In these arenas, detecting and classifying elusive enemies presents a significant challenge that air forces around the world must successfully overcome,” Weinberg said.

“We thank our industry partners and our customers for coming to get a first-hand look at the latest model of our RecceLite XR in action and for sharing their feedback as well as their operational experience.”


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